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Not all who wander are lost...

30 July
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Well, here I am! Hopefully, I'll be a bit more diligent in my current foray into LJ than in the past. I guess I will start off with my occupation: I'm an archivist/historian, and I currently work as an archives management assistant at my local library. Archives is a bit of an unusual profession, but I love it, and I am positive that I am in the right field (not to be confused with baseball). My dream would be to either work at the National Archives or the Holocaust Museum, or even both, although working somewhere like the FBI would be fascinating (imagine THOSE archives)!!

If you, dear reader, have used your powers of deduction, you probably have concluded that I'm also a lover of history. That was my major in college, and although I graduated last year, I continue to try and expand my knowledge on my own. My favorite areas of history include the following (and I'm sure I've forgotten something): Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, English history, WWII and the Holocaust, Russian history (especially the Romanovs), the Titanic (I suppose that counts as history), European history, anything associated with the more scandalous/darker/macabre side of history, and most recently Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution.

My other areas of passion are crime dramas, reading, writing stories (aka fanfiction), the paranormal, old things (for lack of a better term), movies, dogs, travel, children, music, and museums. The love of my life is my nearly 11-year-old Westie (see my user pic).

In a nutshell:
- I've had my fair share of obessions, including Law & Order, the Titanic, the Romonov family, and many more
- I cannot stand soap operas, but I write my fair share of drama stories
- I suck at math, but I can remember minute, obscure details that people forget, especially if it has to do with history
- I am either very quiet or never shut up
- I tend to be very random
- I have a witty sense of humour/sarcasm
- I'm a hopeless romantic
- I'm a half-and-half (reference The L Word)